TraineeRecords tracks and simplifies your employee training by:

Tracking who needs to be trained and in what courses over the next four weeks.
Tracking training compliance per location and per manager. How your training team are performing.
Sending automatic e-mail reminders when updates and retraining sessions are required.
Keeping the records of test grades and completion levels for each trainee safely stored, organised and available at a moment’s notice.
Manage both classroom and elearning from a single online solution.

Step 1: Upload your employees

It's very simple, your spreadsheet lists the employee name, employee number, training manager and escalation manager. You can then upload your employees to your account or you can link into your HR systems.

Who is the Escalation Manager?
The Escalation Manager is the person who wants to know when employees have not been trained. The Escalation Manager may be the HR manager, the Learning and Development manager or the area manager within the company.
Who is the Training Manager?
The Training Manager is the person who frees up time for the employee to take training. The Training Manager may be the employee's supervisor or the site manager. The person who wants to know who needs training so they can organise the training for their staff.

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Step 2: List your courses

You can simply list the courses you want to manage.

What does retrain (wks) mean?
There are some courses you want people to take again, perhaps in a years time or two years. It can be very difficult to keep track of when a person is due for retraining but TraineeRecords makes it very easy. It reminds the training manager to free up time for the person to retake the training course.
What does Grace Period mean?
When a person is a new hire or moves to a new department, there are some training courses that should be completed immediately and there are others that should be completed in say the first month for example. The Grace Period is the time allowed for the new person to take the training. If set to zero, the person must take the course before starting the new role, if set to 4 weeks, the person has 4 weeks to complete the course.

Step 3: Group courses into roles

Set up a role and assign courses to the role. Now you can assign people to the role. That's it, your set up is complete!

We know the trainees, who is responsible for organising training, the roles assigned to employees and the courses associated with each role. Tracking and coordinating training is now easy!

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Easy to use, Learning Management System.

This innovative management software is a low-cost, high value option that helps you manage the training activities for multiple trainees at multiple locations, quickly and efficiently. Four simple tabs on TraineeRecords give your managers all the information they need to stay in control and easily manage employee training.

Train online. Track online.

TraineeRecords consolidates all your training operations into one online location, eliminates confusing record keeping systems and provides access to the latest employee training details with a single log in. The system makes it easy to track an employee's training history and ensure a consistent level of compliance for your company.
Once your TraineeRecords account is set up and operational, you will always know the answer to these four key questions:

Is each employee complaint with required training?

TraineeRecords tracks the training activities of each of your employees, and sends e-mails containing the names of those due to receive training over the coming four-week period. You can also log in at any time to see a list of employees scheduled for upcoming training and those whose current training requirements are up to date.

Enjoy the convenience of online scheduling and rescheduling using our calendar tool, as well as accurate, automatic record keeping – all online and all at your fingertips – and easier to operate than your cell phone. We know that businesses are 24/7 businesses, and TraineeRecords offers a 24/7 solution that connects and organises all of your company’s training and compliance operations into a single time and money saving application.

What is the level of training compliance at each location / department?

TraineeRecords enables you to access all scheduled, ongoing and completed training activity at every company location, eliminating the need to depend on location managers in order to achieve overall compliance. Just log in to view the records of all your employees and the completion status of each of location and each training program.

How improved training management protects your business, your customers and your employees?

As a compliant business, you know that improved training and management efficiency impacts all aspects of your organization – whether you are a large corporation with multiple locations or a smaller medium-sized enterprise. Protection of the health and safety of your employees and improved customer service are natural consequences of a sound investment in employee training, in addition to protecting your company from issues related to compliance. Let TraineeRecords help your business to improve your training process, protect your employees and customers and achieve a higher level of overall service and client satisfaction.

What types of training information can I access using TraineeRecords?

This easy to use software tracks all trainee activity and stores exam scores and other performance-related data. Every time a trainee logs in, his or her activity is recorded and visible to management at a glance. No more paper files, storage issues or worries about lost or missing records. TraineeRecords helps you to use your time more profitably while maintaining compliance and readiness for inspection of your business at a moment’s notice!

Don’t miss out on the exceptional value provided by our online training management solution.

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