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TraineeRecords combines with elearning marketplaces like where you can choose courses to run on Courses are instantly available. It so simple to roll out new taining - FAST!

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Demo of Online Course: Click on image to try out a PowerPoint conversion

Convert your PowerPoint to online training

Use third party tools like Adobe Captivate or iSpring to convert classroom training to online training. It's fast and effective. Change your existing Health and Safety course, your induction training, your Money Laundrying training, your GMP training or your product knowlege training courses for online deliver - we are here to help you succeed!

H5P - The revolutionary way to greate great content- Free & Easy and Included in your account!



H5P means you don't need external tools to create great online training. H5P lets you combine text, images, animations, videos & questions into training courses for all staff

Checkout the demo course built with H5P!

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Our Instructional Designers can help you no matter which type of course you want to build. Reach out and make contact. We will discuss your project, share some ideas and perhaps we can work together!


What about classroom and virtural training?

TraineeRecords tracks your classroom and virtual training sessions - so you can track all your training in one location. TraineeRecords supports your employees in multi-locations, their need for online and classroom training and their need to take refresher training on key topics. Its always easier with