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Employee training made simple!

‘We work in a Highly Regulated industry where people need to be trained and we need the proof that they are trained. There is no opportunity for mistakes. We found TraineeRecords particularly suitable for the fast moving industry we operate in. It’s an excellent solution!’

Tom Cannon - Area Manager : Tesco

The All-In-One Toolkit for Training Remotely.

Whether you have seventy employees or seven thousand, we are here to help each employee complete training - ontime, everytime.

Before TraineeRecords: Training is time consuming, requires many updates to the training spreadsheet, many phonecalls to instructors, supervisors and staff to organise training courses, and often the slow onboarding of new employees.

After TraineeRecords: Training is available 24/7 so people can train at a time that suits their schedule and a pace that suits their ability. Tracking is automatic - records are always up-to-date. Managers and staff have more visibility on training and more time for other things because training is sorted!.

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Learning is easier than ever before

Move your Induction training, Health and Safety training and Product training online for a more effective, faster and easier way to train all staff. Choose courses from complete catalog of 20,000 courses created by the world’s top publishers.

Move training online for 24/7 access to training. Your new Learning Management System tells you who needs training every week. It helps you schedule online training for staff. It tracks your training and brings compliance under control. It makes training a lot easier!

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TraineeRecords provides personal support.

Each of our clients benefits from the assistance of a dedicated Training Consultant. Your Training Consultant helps you upload your employees, shows your how to create your own online training and answers all your questions. Once you’re up and running, the system takes care of itself, but it’s good to know that there is always help available.

Choose any scorm compliant training course, or create your own!

You can purchase eLearning courses from the many training catalogs that exist online, talk to us and we will help you find a suitable off-the-shelf elearning course. Alternatively, create your own online training with support for H5P course development or our own simple "Make Your Own Training" facility.

Schedule training and testing automatically.

TraineeRecords Learning Management System allows users to schedule training sessions online for each employee at any of your locations, on any computer and at any time that is convenient for your business.

Track test scores and compliance levels immediately.

Online record keeping allows managers to instantly see which employees have completed training and pinpoint those that still need to fulfill specific requirements, enabling you to maintain compliance at all times.

Learning Management System for compliance training